Create online websites: From biolink pages with socials to landing pages including store options and payment processing.

Short URLs

Replace long URLs with short ones including geotargeting, device or time driven targets, rotation, A/B comparisons and much more.

QR Codes

Many types of QR codes that can be customized including logo to perfectly fit the intended use.


Thanks to versatile options, web pages, short URLs or QR codes can be customized in many ways to best fit the desired appearance.

The following options are available
in the Free plan


Image, video, color or gradient as web page background

Link colors

Customize colors of links on web pages


Own favicon for web pages

Fonts and sizes

Use any Google Fonts for web pages

100% Advertising Free

No advertising anywhere, not even in the Free Plan


Group web pages, links and QR codes into projects

Targeting of web page elements

For countries, devices, browsers, languages, operating systems

Targeting of short URLs

For country, device, browser language, operating system, rotation & A/B tests

QR code branding

Integrate logo into QR code

QR code design

Customization of colors and size

Variety of QR codes

Text, URL, Phone, SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Facetime, Location, WiFi, Event, Crypto, Vcard, PayPal

The following options are available
in the Standard plan in addition

Attractive domains

Selection of concise domains for websites and links

Affiliate program

Recruit members for clientlink and receive attractive rewards

Own branding

Own branding in the footer of websites

Own URLs

Own URLs instead of system generated

No branding

Delete branding in website footer

Meta and Opengraph tags

Web page title, meta description and OpenGraph image

Access statistics

DSGVO compliant access statistics for websites and links

UTM Paramenter

Set UTM parameters for all links on a web page

The following options are available
in the Pro plan in addition


Integrate clientlink into your own applications

Deep links

Custom URL structures such as mail://, app://, tel:// etc.

dofollow / nofollow link

Set follow-up behavior of web pages links

Own domains

Use websites and links with own domains

Leap Link

Temporarily redirect web pages to a URL

Password protection

Protect websites with password

Payment development

Sell services and products or collect donations

Tracking pixel

For Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora, TikTok

Content warning

Warning about sensitive content before accessing the website

Advanced statistics

More detailed statistics incl. selection of the time frame


Assign individual administration rights to additional users

Temporary websites and links

Limitation on number of clicks or time frame incl. fallback URL

Web page elements

Thanks to web page elements a page can be created in an uncomplicated way. Simply add the desired elements to the web page, drag them to the desired position and adjust them as desired.

Especially interesting: For each individual element, you can set whether it should be displayed depending on the visitor's date period and country, device, operating system or browser language.

This is how extremely dynamic web pages can be created!

The following options are available
in the Free plan

Anchor FM

Paste URL of Anchor FM podcast and display it as a playable podcast.


Upload image and customize with many options


Space between elements


Headings (Headings H1 - H6))


Image including optional link


Website link


Paragraph with WYSIWYG editor to create elements consisting of, text, images, video, etc.

Social links

Store social network profiles and display them as icons


Show Vimeo URL as playable video

Youtube video

Show Youtube URL as playable video

The following options are available
in the Standard plan in addition

Apple Music

Show Apple Music songs or playlists URL as playable items


Show Instagram post, reel, or IGTV URL as corresponding elements.


Show Soundcloud songs or playlists URL as playable items


Show Spotify song, album or playlist URL as playable items


Show Tital Songs or Album URL as playable items


Show Tiktok URL as playable video


Show Twitch URL as playable video

The following options are available
in the Pro plan in addition

Audio file

Upload audio file and display it as playable element

Countdown timer

Countdown timer with light or dark theme

Call to action

Call to action for email, call, SMS or Facetime


Any HTML code elements


Discord Server Widget


Collect donations via Stripe (credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay) or Paypal incl. complete payment processing

External products

Include external products including title, description, price


Insert Facebook post/video URL to show content


Create FAQ accordion with FAQ titles and content


Upload a file and offer it as download

Images grid

Upload images including title and optional linking and display as a grid

Newsletter subscription

Newsletter registration form with many options and Mailchimp API integration


Paypal Button for Buy, Donate, «Add to Cart»

Phone numbers form

Phone numbers collection form with many options

Sell digital product

Sell digital product (download) via Stripe (credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay) or Paypal incl. complete payment processing


View Reddit Post

RSS Feed

Show RSS Feed

Sell product or service

Sell product or service via Stripe (credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay) or Paypal incl. complete payment processing


Store URL for sharing via social networks and QR code

Twitter Tweet

Show Twitter Tweet


Create vCard and offer for download

Video file

Upload video file and display as playable element

Youtube channel feed

Deposit Youtube Kanak ID and show its latest videos dynamically


Are some limits not suitable for your projects? Contact our support - we will find a solution!

Plan Free Standard Pro
Web page elements 3 7 20
Websites 1 10 100
Own domains 50
Short URLs 10 50 500
Payment instances (e.g. Stipe Live, Stripe Dev., etc.) 10
Tracking Pixels Unlimited
Projects 1 10 50
QR Codes 25 100
Team members 10
Teams 10
Statistics retention period (days) 30 90